Fashion is not simply a matter of style anymore; it’s more than that. Abiola Onabule, as one of those creative minds who like to go deeper in their reflexions and who have helped to redefine what fashion means, became interested in the concept of modernity within creation. Through her collection she has managed to prove her brilliant technical skills, bringing together innovation and denim – which is one of the most popular fabric in modern cultures. Here, Abiola explains her inspirations and motivations to create this collection.


“I started this project with an aim to exploring the idea of modernity within the fabrication of a garment, while referencing historical pieces to inform my design. I began by thinking about what things seemed to be most popular within a lot of modern cultures, and the most practical fabric that seemed universal and equalizing in today’s modern society was the Denim.

I looked back on the work wear the men of the 1920s would have worn, and used details from dungarees and overcoats as various influences within my design. To continue to tie in the concept of modernity, I wanted to bring in a global element: I combined the tough strength of the denim with recycled scraps of colorful Dutch Wax Cotton prints from Nigeria, using a technique called Faux Chenille. This technique consists of cutting into layers of cloth, revealing the ones sewn below. I didn’t want to modernise in a stereotypical manner, that’s why instead of just making everything white and minimalist, I looked more into the idea of recycling and reusing materials that would last a long time.

I wanted to create a strong silhouette for the jacket, so I gave it power shoulders or rather power sleeves, that hopefully convey a certain nobility and strength but at the same time, a softness in the cut. The high collar forces the wearer to extend his neck and straighten his back, adding to the air of dignity.

With the jeans, the aim was to combine the denim with something more fragile to create a fragmented look to the garment. That’s where the idea of the embroidered lace and the thin strap details came from. I wanted the whole look to be a Double Denim Dream !”

Website: www.abiolaonabule.com
Facebook: Abiola Onabule Design
Instagram: @abiolaonabule

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