Bianka Šipecová is a fashion designer from Slovakia. Through her work, she likes to share her passion for minimalist design with a very distinctive and personal approach, like in her last collection where she used extravagant details perfectly mixed with clean cuts. After studying textile technologies and design, she started a few months ago, her own brand under the name of BRAPEEYOU. A name with a strong impact thanks to the numerous messages it conveys: ‘Be brave. Be peerless. Be yourself’.

What originally made you want to become a fashion designer?

I think it comes from outside to inside of me. What I wear and then what I think about it. I started making a relationship with clothes and started to make it by myself. I wanted to wear something different from anyone else, so I started to make clothes for myself, my friends and my family. Be a fashion designer mean to make people happy and this is my biggest pleasure.


How would you describe your approach to design, your process?

When I have a task from University, I do a brainstorming, but I do not always use it. Often, I had found inspiration where I would never thought I could find it. I never use a first idea, so I am still discovering more and more. The best is when I start doing a collection with an idea and, during my process, I find something which really interest me and make it as a main point of the collection. Let’s go back to the process: the first step is to find an inspiration but not to be attached with it. “Still be open for anything else”. Then I make sketches and choose the best, which is the most interesting for me.The last step is to start working on it.


Who or what has been the biggest influence on your way of creating?

People around me. Family who told me “it’s hard”, friends who told me that I’m good and others who told me that I dress up in a strange way and that what I create is strange and extravagant… I love strange things.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I am actually interested in human body. I love drawing the figures and the structure of bones. In my last collection, I was inspired by the joints of the hand, spine, ribs and some kind of futuristic transformation of human body.


Can you tell us a little more about your collection?

Like I said before, my collections are inspired by human body and using only one color. I am using only one color for my collections as a sign of unity but at the same time as a diversity of the models.


Do you have any passion besides your work?

My passion besides my work is traveling which gives me a lot of opportunities to see new places and meet different kind of people. This always open my mind. My other passion is searching for unique pieces of clothes in second-hands stores, because I think, this kind of shops fulfill your eyes but, second-hands fulfill your soul.


What’s your personal motto?

Fashion is freedom.


Finally, travel in three words?

Be Brave.

Be Peerless.

Be Yourself.

Instagram: @brapeeyou

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