Sonia Funnell is a young fashion and textile designer from Brighton, United Kingdom. She graduated from Northbrook College with her final Collection entitled ‘The Moroccan Jazz’ in 2015. Specializing in textile manipulations and couture techniques, Sonia is now showcasing her first collection across the country, to show the fashion industry what she can achieve.


Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I became a fashion designer, so I could express my love of arts and crafts with my love of fashion, and together create unique designs. I also want to inspire people, like the way I look up to other fashion designers.


What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

I design Couture garments, which allow me to go as crazy as I can with the techniques: I feel you can express more.


Can you tell us more about your final collection? The process as well as your inspirations?

My final collection was based on my love of culture and history. I did some research and got inspired by the Moroccan culture and the 20’s era; so I decided to put the two together: I used Moroccan garment silhouettes with the mixture of shimmer and sequins from the Jazz Age. My fabrics and textiles are what make my collection stand out. I invent my own fabrics to create something new and unusual, along with 3D techniques where I handcraft my motifs with leather pieces, trimmings and embellishment.


What message were you trying to convey through this collection?

Be crazy, be expressive and be you in your designs.


What was the biggest challenge you had to deal with to achieve it?

I think it’s the time management: when you do fashion it tales up most of your time. I had to juggle my time to also see my friends and family. I had ups and downs throughout my degree but it made me push harder to achieve the best I can. But it was all worth it for me and I enjoyed every second of making my collection.


Your work and your inspirations often come from different cultures, is it something important to you?

Yes, I like traveling, there is so much out there to give you inspiration. I don’t just briefly look into the culture; I research into depth, from the places to the people who belong to it. It’s something I love to do: you find new things which you had never come across before.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to be a textile designer for garments and start my own brand, which will be unique to me as an individual designer.

Photographer: Simon Armstrong
Facebook: Sonia L Fashion
Twitter: @SoniaFunnell

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